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BX POS – Point of sale

We offer a modern, friendly and easy-to-use mobile POS application connected to a robust ERP system covering a wide-range of our customers’ needs. The product is flexible and can be customized for your specific needs, in addition, we can lease all the necessary equipment to help you to boost performance while focusing on your core business.

Android POS with Easy-to-Use Interface

A simple, intuitive design makes it fast and easy for employees to learn to use BX POS app. The interface has a modern and easy-to-use design, a single checkout screen for your customer orders, intuitive flow and a process-oriented design. Within minutes your employees will be processing your customer orders.

Easy Sales Transactions

No worries if your employee has to serve multiple customers with open orders at the same time. The flexible functionality allows you to work with multiple sales for different customers and print or reprint receipts. You can easily add products to an order. The app also allows you to browse products by their categories or search the text of product records by keywords.

Staff Communication

Once your employee takes the order for your customer, your bar or kitchen staff will receive a printed version of the order, so they can start working on it immediately, allowing your business to improve performance and reducing waiting times for your customers.

Offline Capability

If connectivity is lost, you can keep using BX POS app in offline mode. Your employees will be able to log into the application and perform important functionality in order to keep the business running. Transactions and other data will synchronize once connectivity is restored.

Sales Reports

We give you the needed information for you to analyze how is your business performing. You will be able to get reports at any time of the day, the reports include:

  • General Sales
  • Consolidated Sales
  • Sales by employee
  • Void items
  • Sales by Table
  • Sales by Product

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