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Our Story

Since our establishment, we have provided quality engineering services for iDempiere to clients in different industries. Our team actively contributes to the iDempiere project core developments, bug fixing, infrastructure, and plug-ins.

Furthermore, we are proud to have Carlos Ruiz as a member of our team, he has a great reputation among the iDempiere community for fulfilling the role of technical leader and top maintainer of the project.

We are pride ourselves on being experts in iDempiere ERP, offering insight that goes beyond development helping you to build a flexible software ready for continuous growth and evolution.


to be the market leader in software solutions for the open-source ERP industry, providing stable, high-quality, and easy-to-use software. Always adapting to new technological innovations.


Our focus is on quality and communication. Let us help you through the process of your new implementation.


We understand that every customer is a new world with different needs. We will work together with you to come to the best solutions that suit and boost your business.


Our great team has the combined overall knowledge that your business needs to succeed. Our expertise in different areas, technological and functional, allows us to provide you the best solution in the market.

Our Team

Thomas Bayen

Chief Executive Officer

Carlos Ruiz

Chief Technology Officer

Diego Ruiz

Senior consultant and developer.

Let’s work together on your next project and let us help you achieve your best.