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BX Service and iDempiere

Since the beginning, we have been dedicated and engaged to contribute to the iDempiere project. We believe in the power of open-source, therefore, our solutions are contributed back to the project. One of the project’s founders is proudly part of our team, which gives us a deep understanding of the system and allow us to be the best option for your implementation.

Your success is our goal

We know that implementing iDempiere by yourself might be difficult and frustrating. Our goal is to guide you through this process to let you enjoy the system with its full capabilities.

We will help you to implement and customize iDempiere for your specific needs. All of this without modifying the core, this allows you to stay up to date with the project and benefit from the community improvements while avoiding vendor lock-ins for future upgrades

Let’s work together on your next project and let us help you achieve your best