BX Service GmbH

Since our establishment, we have provided quality engineering services for iDempiere to clients in different industries. The ownership group is composed of working members of our team who actively participate in all aspects of a project from conception and design to the end of the implementation and construction.
Our team actively contributes to the iDempiere project: core developments, bug fixing, infrastructure, and plug-ins. Furthermore, we are proud to have Carlos Ruiz as a member of our team, he has a great reputation among the iDempiere community for fulfilling the role of technical leader and top maintainer of the project.
We are pride ourselves on being experts in iDempiere ERP, offering insight that goes beyond development helping you to build a flexible software ready for continuous growth and evolution.

Our Team

Thomas Bayen, Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Bayen is our CEO. He has fulfilled the role of CEO of his second company, Jakob Bayen KG, for over 25 years, a company founded in 1886 and market leader in the city of Krefeld in the hospitality sector In Jakob Bayen KG. He provides consulting and financing for his customers. Mr. Bayen is a member of the iDempiere community since 2011, which gives him great technical and functional knowledge of the ERP.

Carlos Ruiz, Chief Technology Officer
Mr. Ruiz is responsible for leading our development team. Since 2014, Mr. Ruiz has been directly involved in our software architecture and has boosted our performance significantly. He has been Adempiere/iDempiere’s technical leader and top maintainer since 2006, he has over 28 years of experience in development of enterprise software, founder of Adempiere in 2006 and iDempiere in 2011. Mr. Ruiz holds a degree in Systems engineering and was recognized in 2011 with the honorific award to the open source by the Colombian Systems Engineering Association.


BX Service’s mission is: to offer consulting, development, implementation and support services to our customers on our software solutions to become a best-run business. We help our customers implementing new technologies and innovative solutions with high quality in a cost-effective way, providing them a functional improvement and the capacity for adapting to future changes.


to be the market leader in the software solutions for the hospitality industry, providing stable, high-quality and easy-to-use software. Always adapting to new technological innovations.

Why Us?

We offer a friendly, flexible and complete solution that will allow our customers to improve performance and grow without the need of migrating to different systems to fulfil growth needs.